Seminar 2.2. Faiths and Beliefs in Finland

Faiths and Beliefs in Finland
Monien uskontojen ja katsomusten Suomi

De många religionernas och åskådningarnas Finland

Thursday 2.2.2017 klo 13-17

National Museum, Atelier room, 2nd floor, Mannerheimintie 34, Helsinki

The seminar “Faiths and Beliefs and Finland” marks the publication of a collection of articles, which focus on the development of religious diversity and freedom of religion in Finland as well as interaction between the different faiths and beliefs.  Articles in the collection present how different religions and beliefs have made their impact in forming Finnish history, culture and society. The seminar discusses the religious milieus and multiculturalism in Finland and other Nordic countries from the point of view of freedom of religions and interfaith dialogue.

The language of the seminar is English.


13:00        Welcome and opening: Kaarlo Kalliala, Bishop of the Turku Archdiocese
13:10        Presenting the book: Monien uskontojen ja katsomusten Suomi
                 The editors Ruth Illman, Kimmo Ketola, Jussi Sohlberg and Riitta Latvio

13:30         Presentations by the Nordic guests

Rev. Dr. Helene Egnell (Sweden)
“A Swedish perspective on Faiths and Beliefs in Finland”

Dr. Anne Hege Grung (Norway)
“A Norwegian perspective on Faiths and Beliefs in Finland”

14:30         Coffee and refreshments
14:50         Comments:
                  Rev. Dr. Jyri Komulainen "Interreligious Dialogue in Finland"

Dr. Ali Qadir & Dr. Tatiana Tiayinen-Qadir
“Imaginal dialogue: Archetypal symbols in Orthodoxy and Islam"


15:30         Panel discussion chaired by Ruth Illman.
Audience welcome to join in the discussion.

17:00         Closing of the seminar


Rev. Dr. Helene Egnell leads the Centre for Inter Faith Dialogue in Stockholm. The Centre’s main purpose is to promote understanding, collaboration and good relations between people of different faiths. Dr Egnell has studied Christian Feminist Approaches to Religious Plurality.


Dr. Anne Hege Grung is Associate Professor of Theology, University of Oslo. She has been engaging with Muslim-Christian encounters and dialogue through participation and research since the early 1990s in Norway and beyond.


The project Faiths and Beliefs and Finland is part of the Finland 100 years programme and has been funded by Otto A. Malms Donationsfond, Wihuri Foundation, Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, the Donner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland Research Institute. The project is carried out by Forum for Culture and Religion FOKUS, the Donner Institute and the Church Research Institute.